(26 - 28 May 2024)

Followed by HCMC Public Conference on 29 May 2024


When registering to attend the IOSCO 2024 Annual Meeting, you accept these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions also apply to registrations by non-IOSCO members eligible to attend any part of the Event. The words ‘delegate’ and ‘you/your’ include any such registrants. 

Registration fees and entitlements 

Registrations will close on 26 April 2024, unless stated otherwise. 

IOSCO Members: 

The registration fee of 2200 € entitles IOSCO members access to the following events (collectively, the ‘Event’). 

  • 26 - 28 May 2024 IOSCO Members Private Meetings (as applicable) 
  • 29 May2024 HCMCPublic Conference 
  • 25 May 2024 IOSCO Members’ Welcoming Cocktail 
  • 26 May 2024 IOSCO Members’ Dinner 
  • 28 May 2024 IOSCO Members’ Gala Dinner 
  • Daily morning coffee break, lunch, and afternoon coffee break 
  • Scheduled airport, social event, and hotel transfers 

IOSCO Members’ Partners:

For a total registration fee of 600 €,  IOSCO members may register partners aged over 18 to participate in evening social events and associated airport and social event transfers:

  • 25 May 2024 IOSCO Members Welcome Cocktail Reception 
  • 26 May 2024 IOSCO Members Private Dinner 
  • 28 May 2024 Gala Dinner

 Please note:

  • Fees are fixed and no apportion can be applied. 
  • Tickets for partner social events are restricted to IOSCO members. 
  • Schedules for associated transfers are limited, thus flight details are required by 26 April 2024.Delegates may need to arrange and pay for their own transfers if travelling outside scheduled departures.


The registration fee of 350 € entitles Non-Members access to the following events (collectively, the ‘Event’).

  • 28 May 2024 Gala Dinner 
  • 29 May 2024 HCMC Public Conference (including coffee breaks and lunch) 

Registration process 

Registration is exclusively on-line through the registration system accessed via the IOSCO Annual Meeting 2024 website. All mandatory fields must be completed. Your name and personal details must match your passport for proof of identity, security, and visa application (if required). If you choose to remain anonymous, or use a pseudonym under privacy laws, your registration or visa application for entry to Greece may be rejected as incomplete or invalid. Only completed registration forms will be accepted and must include a current digital passport photo in JPEG format. Members can update their information with missing details (i.e., flight details) after their registration.

Payment methods 

– The deadline for registration is 26 April 2024. No registrations will be processed after this date. 

– Full payment in Euro of the  registration fees is required at the time of registration, without any deduction for any currency conversion, VAT, bank EFT, or other transaction charges. 

– Registration is complete when the specified fee is credited or received in full into the nominated bank account. 

– Payment can be made via: 

Credit card 

Accepted credit cards: MasterCard and Visa 

The fees include our credit card charges for accepting credit card payment. You will be redirected to a secure payment site and will be issued with an invoice upon confirmation. 

Please retain your invoice number as a payment reference. 

Electronic Funds Transfer (Available until 26 April 2024) 

Please note the details below: 

  • Bank name: National Bank of Greece
  • Bank address: 86 Aiolou str., 102 32 Athens, Greece
  • SWIFT code/Routing number: ETHNGRAA
  • Bank branch: Central Branch (040)
  • Account name: Hellenic Capital Market Commission
  • Beneficiary address: Ippokratous 3-5, 106 79 Athens, Greece
  • Account number(ΙΒΑΝ): GR2801100400000004002953455

Please note that there is a payment processing fee that will be added to the total amount depending on the payment method you choose. For Bank Deposits the fee is a fixed amount of 15€ and for payments via Paypal or credit cards the fee is 5.4% + 0.35€ applied on the received total amount.


Registration fees are inclusive of all taxes. No additional amount will be collected for VAT. 

You are responsible for clarifying your taxation status and complying with your obligations under your domestic laws. 

Why register early?

Please note that all event venues, social events, accommodation, and associated transfers have capacity based on our estimates. Early registration secures access to the event, as it may not be guaranteed if demand exceeds the initial estimates.

Cancellation policy 

For IOSCO Annual Meeting: Cancellations on or before 26 April 2024 will receive a refund with a € 200 cancellation fee deducted from the registration fee, to cover our costs for registration administration and cancellation of external supplies. Cancellations after this date will receive no refund.

A delegate of an IOSCO member unable to attend may elect a new delegate from their organization holding the same IOSCO permissions to attend on their behalf. Upon confirmation of transfer, the elected delegate must provide a recent digital passport photograph in JPEG format. 

For ΗCMC Public Conference and partners’ social events: Once fees are paid, further amendment, cancellation, or refund could not be made. 

Cancellations and request for registration transfers must be notified in writing to the IOSCO 2024 GREECE mailbox (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

No refund will be granted for cancellation of speakers. 

In the event that as a consequence of major security issues or serious unforeseen “force majeure” reasons, the Annual Meeting, ΗCMC Public Conference, or social events have to be cancelled, neither IOSCO, nor the HCMC shall be liable for the cancellation of travel arrangements or be subject to any travel costs compensation to participants. However, the registration fees already collected by the HCMC will be refunded in full. The HCMC will make best endeavours to ensure that participants are waived from any cancellation costs or penalties, or fees associated with their hotel reservation. 

Cancellation and refund policies for booked accommodations are published in the Accommodation section of the IOSCO Annual Meeting 2024 website. 

 Please note – for IOSCO members’ delegates: 

A failure to obtain a visa or gain border entry will not be a ground for refund of any fees. However, we may, in our discretion, refund the registration fee, less the cancellation fee, if: 

  • The visa was applied at least 5 weeks prior to the Event date and proof is shown that a visa could not be granted even though all requested documents were submitted; and 
  • A written request for registration cancellation and refund is sent by email to the IOSCO 2024 Greece mailbox (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by no later than 26 April 2024. 


Once you have completed your registration and payment, you will receive a receipt for the registration fee. Information appeared on the receipt will be derived from your registration form. Therefore, amendments to your receipt could not be requested.

Delegate travel responsibilities

You are responsible for arranging your own visas, flights, accommodation, relevant travel documentation, travel and health insurances, and foreign exchange.

Visa requirements 

All participants should check the visa requirements to enter Greece. 

You should allow sufficient time for visa application to ensure your timely departure for Greece and to avoid a cancellation fee if visa entry is denied. 

Visa support letter 

Once your registration is complete, a confirmation email will be sent to you containing your full name and the dates of the events you are registered for. 

You must ensure that your name details match the details in your passport. Please attach a copy of this confirmation email to your visa application. If necessary, a letter of invitation can be provided to support your visa application upon request by email to the IOSCO 2024 Greece mailbox (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 


Hotels with negotiated rates have been secured for Event attendees. For further information, and to view the cancellation policies, please visit the IOSCO Annual Meeting 2024 Website. 


Scheduled shuttle transportation between Athens International Airport ‘Eleftherios Venizelos’ and the meeting venue and other official hotels, and between the meeting venue and social events venues will be provided. Participants must ensure that they provide their flight details in order to benefit from airport transfers 

Modification of program 

IOSCO and the HCMC Event organizers reserve the right to make changes to the Event program including presenters and sessions where necessary. In the unlikely event that a presenter withdraws, we may make appropriate decisions in the best interests of the Event. Please note that this will not include refunds but may include changes to the program and cancelling or re-arranging sessions. 

Dietary requirements 

We will make reasonable efforts to cater for dietary requirements identified in your registration, but we do not guarantee all dietary requirements will be met. 


IOSCO, the HCMC, and their Event organizers may disclose and use the information provided by you for registration or during the Event (including in any feedback provided during or after the Event), where and to the extent necessary, to: 

  • Register your attendance at the Event; 
  • Assist with administrative and planning purposes including to plan and develop the Event; 
  • Facilitate your requirements including to communicate information related to the Event; 
  • Allow the compilation and analysis of statistics relevant to the Event; 
  • Prepare and submit any reports in accordance with any administrative accountability or legal obligations that apply to each of them; and 
  • Perform other functions (including to plan future IOSCO Annual Meetings and any future HCMC Public Conference) or obligations imposed by laws on IOSCO, the HCMC, or their respective officers and Event organizers. 

You expressly consent to the above disclosure and use of confidential information provided by you. 

Privacy consent 

You agree to the processing and use of your personal data in accordance with our policies. The HCMC suggests that you read the Personal Data Protection Policy (IOSCO 2024 GREECE Pre Registration). You are further informed, and you expressly agree to the following use and processing of your personal data:

  • List of participants (IOSCO delegates) – if attending the IOSCO 2024 Annual Meeting and associated social events, the compilation of a list containing the participant’s names, organizations, official designations/titles, jurisdictions, including your personal data; 
  • A draft list of participants will be circulated before the Event to IOSCO, each registered delegate and speaker, and the Event organizers and suppliers of this part of the Event. 
  • A final list of participants will be published online after the Event, on the Members’ Area of the IOSCO website. 
  • List of participants – if attending any part of the Event including the HCMC Public Conference and related social events: 

- A list will be compiled containing the names, organizations, jurisdictions and necessary contact details of all participants including you and any speaker and host of that event, and 

- The list will be circulated to all participants and service providers (as necessary), to facilitate the supply of goods or services and your participation and interactions with others at that event. 

  • Photographs and audio-visual recordings – IOSCO, the HCMC, and other third parties (including media reporters and other Event participants) may take photographs and audio/visual recordings during the Event, for: 

        - Live streaming during the Event and for archival purposes; 

- Sharing and interaction between IOSCO members, delegates and other participants; 

- Use in printed and electronic media (including on the Internet) for research, education, publication, broadcasting, news reporting, video streaming, display, exhibitions and promotional purposes associated with HCMC or IOSCO; and 

- Official reports prepared by IOSCO and the HCMC, including in their Annual Reports. 

  • Partner’s personal data and specifically authorized purposes

– You are responsible for obtaining your partner’s informed consent to our processing, collection and use of their personal data to facilitate their registration and for any other purposes related to their participation in the Event. 

- You undertake to provide written evidence of their informed consent if, and when requested by us. 

- You expressly consent to our processing, or disclosure and use, of your and your partner’s personal data for the purposes identified under ‘Confidential Information’ above. 

You are required to agree to each of the above statements on the collection, disclosure and use of your personal details before you can submit your registration form. Please note that you may withdraw your consent by notifying the IOSCO 2024 Greece mailbox (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), in writing by 26 April 2024.

However, exceptions under privacy laws may apply to require or permit the collection, disclosure and use of personal data without your express consent. 

Additional information 

All details on the IOSCO Annual Meeting 2024 website are subject to change without notice. IOSCO, theHCMC, and their Event organizers will not assume any liability whatsoever. You are required to: Obtain your own insurances to cover your and your partner’s costs of travel, accommodation, Event fees, personal property, health and medical expenses, injury, death and any other risks associated with your registration and attendance at the Event; and Pay for any costs or damages caused or contributed to by you or your partner for IOSCO, the HCMC, and any other parties in relation to the Event. The HCMC may modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. You must keep yourself informed of any modification or update from sources including information and notices published on the IOSCO Annual Meeting 2024 website. Please direct all queries to the IOSCO 2024 Greece mailbox (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).



International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) is the international body that brings together the world's securities regulators and is recognized as the global standard setter for the securities sector. IOSCO develops, implements and promotes adherence to internationally recognized standards for securities regulation. It works intensively with the G20 and the Financial Stability Board (FSB) on the global regulatory reform agenda.


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